Website Design – How do you create a stunning website?

Let’s make a huge assumption before we go any further. You’ve considered your positioning. You’ve thought about your message. You’ve created your written content with all this in mind and you’re now ready to create a beautiful eye-catching website. This blog is focused just on the design element.

At Drakewalls Marketing we work in partnership with the wonderful DAPPER WEB DESIGN. Simon (owner) has many years of experience creating beautiful website that are geared to convert your traffic into cold hard sales. But, one question we constantly discuss between us is “what makes a website sexy?”.

Like music, art and most things creative; an opinion regarding the look of any website is subjective. In our opinion, there is one aspect that if you get it wrong you are setting up for a fail and that is photography.

Approximately 75 Million websites use WordPress which is the platform we use to build our clients websites

We spend a lot of our initial briefing meetings discussing our client’s photography assets and in most cases, we make a strong case for them to either update their photography or look for stock alternatives.  Remember, just because you sell X does not mean you must have X plastered all over your website. This is especially true if the X you are selling is not photogenic.

Take my website for example. I don’t sell nature but that’s what you’ll find when you land on www.drakewallsmarketing,com. It’s a look and a feel that evokes a reaction from my audience. Sometimes we come across great photography subjects that are let down by a poor-quality photograph. Your website is your shop window. You have very little time to convince a visitor and a blurry outdated image is not going to encourage anyone to follow your matter how good you are at what you do. We work with STUART BAILEY MEDIA who is a local photographer based in Gunnislake, Cornwall for our photography needs. Stuart specialises in providing a professional, customer-focussed video production and photography service covering a range of requirements to fulfil your specific needs.

In our last blog we talked about Branding. This is where we apply those branding guidelines to create consistency in our website. Applying these guidelines correctly can be the difference between a beautiful website and a hot mess. Too many colours and off-topic graphics only serve to confuse your customer journey and experience.


77% of B2B marketing leaders say branding is critical to growth

It’s not rocket science, however like most things in marketing having a clear plan and adhering to some simple guidelines can make the difference between success and failure.

We believe that you can create a stunning website using three values;

  • high quality eye-catching photography
  • a good range of 5-8 complimentary colours for use across all marketing materials
  • carefully selected font family to reflect your brand values

Our websites start from as little as £545 which includes design, development and a training session to allow you to manage and update your new stunning website. View our previous work in our Portfolio.

If you want to discuss how we can make your website sexy give us a message using or call 01822 481 868.

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