It seemed relevant to choose the topic of social media for my first blog post.  After 12 successful months running Drakewalls Marketing it’s only now I have decided the time is right to turn on my social media marketing channels.  Madness, right? Well no, it was part of the strategy all along.

Nearly 1.7 billion people have active accounts on social media sites

Starting a new business is time consuming.  We’ve all been there, full of excitement and enthusiasm.  However, there are limitations both in time and budget when you are starting out.  I have always believed having a collection of poor social media channels is far worse than having none.

Working on new social media channels can be a daunting task.  It can also be down hearting when initially your numbers are low and engagement is next to nothing.  Don’t forget; social media doesn’t happen overnight.

As with most marketing campaigns, planning is key.  Create a manageable plan that gives you an overview of your content and activity over a period of around 3 months. My first focus is growing my audience.  Without it I’d effectively be shouting into an empty room.  Joining local business groups and engaging with your target audience are short campaigns free to run that can get you started and get the word out there.  Advertising to grow page likes and follows can also be considered at this stage if your budget allows it.


Only 18% of customers trust ads by companies on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter

There’s nothing stopping you creating all your content in advance and scheduling your posts using a handy online tool like Hootsuite. I’ve listed the headline events in my calendar and added them into my campaign. For example, my new website release and this blog have been allocated slots in my posting schedule ahead of time. This can free up your time and allow you to easily allocate an amount of time to social media without being overloaded.

Creating the plan is only half the work. Social media moves fast and you must be prepared to react to up-to-date news and current affairs. My plan contains 4 hours of allocated time per month to work on scheduled posts including graphics and blogging as well as 30 minutes per day to keep up to date and remain reactive to my ongoing campaigns.

It won’t happen overnight but stay focused, stay positive and put your own spin on your campaigns. Be bold, be determined and be yourself. Until next time, I’ll see you on twitter.