Networking has been central to the growth of my company.  In December 2016 I was lucky enough to be invited to a Collaboration Hub event in a room above a pub, in Callington. The surroundings were rustic but welcoming. There was a diverse mix of businesses in attendance and the structure and content were impressive, particularly for me as a marketer.

Firstly, I could not help but be impressed with the member promotional website It is a multi-functional directory site with the ability to build a website effectively within a website. That is not out of the ordinary, what is, is the fact that there are thousands of businesses listed across thousands of categories, with all their contact info and social media links. That has taken a huge amount of time and effort to build. Effort I can piggy back on to enhance my own marketing efforts


92% of people trust recommendations from friends and family more than all other forms of marketing

Due to the weight of numbers on the site and the fact that their Twitter feeds are all embedded within it, the site comes up on page one on Google searches for multiple and ever-increasing search terms. Each member also gains some free code to create a badge backlink to enhance their own SEO. Seeing the rest of the online benefits, made it an easy decision for me to join myself and to recommend clients to do likewise.

Then there was the thought provoking content of the meeting itself and the input from all the attendees (some of whom I have been working with ever since). It was brilliant and something again I was convinced many of my clients would both enjoy and benefit from. It did much more, but a part inspired focus and clarity of message. I knew that if my clients were to experience this, that they would come back motivated and I could then in turn do a better job for them.


84% of businesses prefer to conduct meetings face-to-face

To make sure that I would be comfortable recommending the events to clients, I attended more and these only cemented the fact that I would recommend them to anyone in business, at whatever stage in business. I was already thinking, what can I do to form a closer relationship with the organisation, when I got a call from Kevin asking for a meeting to discuss me becoming a member of The Knowledge Hub. I was delighted to be asked as the commitment I needed to make was no hardship and the potential opportunities linked to membership were obvious. These have already started to flow.

Further meetings with Kevin has led to an agreement for me to work much closer with him, conducting meetings on his behalf to promote the Business and Knowledge Hub membership and chairing Collaboration Hub events so that Kevin has a little more time to work on the business (as he advocates others to do) and to help members he believes in to be the best they can be. He has some fantastic plans and I am happy to be part of the journey.

It is a win; win arrangement as Marketing is all about making relevant connections that count. I am making them in numbers and learning much more about business, some amazing people and their stories. This can only be a huge benefit for me personally and for my clients.

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