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Networking – Never goes out of fashion

Networking has been central to the growth of my company.  In December 2016 I was lucky enough to be invited to a Collaboration Hub event in a room above a pub, in Callington. The surroundings were rustic but welcoming. There was a diverse mix of businesses in...

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Branding: Step 1 – Logo Design

Branding: Step 1- Logo Design Logo design, what is the point? Branding (or rebranding) – the word alone can send the shivers down most CEO’s backs.  The thought of thousands of pounds being “thrown away” on a silly graphical exercise that ultimately delivers no firm...

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Social Media Doesn’t Happen Overnight

It seemed relevant to choose the topic of social media for my first blog post.  After 12 successful months running Drakewalls Marketing it’s only now I have decided the time is right to turn on my social media marketing channels.  Madness, right? Well no, it was part...

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